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Justin I. Bustamante

Neurolinguist & Certified Hypnotist IAPCH

Justin Isaias Bustamante is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Neurolinguist and Certified Hypnotist Specializing in Conversational Hypnosis.

Since 2005, he has studied the science of sub-comunication and Neuro-Linguistics to help facilitate positive change in individuals. In 2009, he began his studies into Hypnosis and it's various applications before becoming one of San Antonio's only Hypnotists Certified by the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotist.


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Ryan C. - Georgia

"If you're someone who is skeptical about hypnosis, you need to experience his compassionate and personlized hypnosis for yourself. The whole session was like lunch with an old friend."

Tabitha H. - hannibal, mo

"I thought I would have trouble with the process but everything flowed very easy... "

Mari d. - San Antonio, texas

Working with Justin helped me discover new pathways to explore and overcome my phobia. 

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