Don't make resolutions.... Create habits.

Set a goal.Don't stop at wanting to lose weight or handle stress better. Think about how that will feel. Plan everything - a goal without a plan is just a wish. 

Get leverage on yourself - put up a sign.No one knows you like you. If negative re-enforcement works, start there. If self-torture isn't your cup of tea, find something that discourages or distracts you from unwanted behavior.

Find a replacement - plant bushes.Train the brain. Smoker? Take three deep breaths to relax, chew gum. Watching your figure? Drink more water to feel full. Makae sure you do it. Your mind wants to push you down familiar roads.

Practice, practice, practice. Habits form over time, but understanding key principles like emotion and how you'll feel reaching your goal is a step toward changing quikcly.

Activate resources. The fun part!
If emotion's your number one resource, their source is even better. Your unconscious/sub-conscious can be your best ally when you get it working for with you, not for you. It doesn't know the differnece between imagination and real life, so get lost imagining.
    Laugh, smile, cry, explore. It's better to be in control of what's running through your un/sub than leave it to its own devices - again.