Minding Your Habits

Hypnosis and the jungle of your brain

Habits are born of repeating something until it's second nature. Most are harmless, and we grow out of them. Others, however, grow with us and become destructive.
    As long a habit serves, it drives beahviors your mind thinks are helpful, but what happens when the way you handled things when you were younger don't fit as an adult? You're left thinking, Why do I that? The answer lies in the vast jungle of neurons and pathways that is your brain.

Your mind is an uncharted jungle.
As you go through life you find paths, patterens of behavior. the more you take a path, the more it widens and clears, becoming more visible, more accessible. You know it forwards, backwards, sideways, you know the fruit tree where you have a snack and rest, the shortcut through the mud pit where you hop across rocks - if you miss and get dirty, who cares? You're a kid.
    Over time, the fruit tree has markings where you carved the loves of your life and scratched them out, making room for the pests that weakened the tree until it fell over. The mud pit's still there, but you're older, heavier - whenever you make it onto a rock it sinks, you get dirty.

The journey isn't the same.
The path still gets you there, but the way you interact with the enviroment has changed - and it's the only way you've known up to this point.
   You stand at your path, thinking up ways never to go down it again. You put up a sign, a positive affirmation, reminding you to find a better way - but when the wind's strong, the sign falls. You put up negative reinforcement, an electrfied fence across the path. One day you're in a rush, disarm the fence, fly past dead trees and mud-pits.
    When you get across, you ask, Why am I finding a new way? That worked so well. You're back where you started, only dead trees are taken over by mud-pits, and mud's pouring onto the path.
     You grab your blade, cut new paths. With time, you take certain paths more than others, dangerously close to your old ways - and find yourself falling back on what's familiar.
    This can be a frustrating cycle when you're trying to kick smoking, or handle stress better - maybe deadly if a habit's extreme. A Hypnotist speciallizes in helping create new pathways while addressing old habits, so there's NO RISK of falling back on them.
    Here's an easy-to-follow guide that resembles the process we go through in a group or one-on-one session to eradicate old habits and install new ones, without the constant reminder of where not to go.