Guided Inner Focus Techniques

     Our guided inner focus technique or "G.I.F.T" is not to be confused with the one size fits all guided visualzations that don't work if you "can't visualize".
    Visualizations, guided or not, only utilize one of three channels we use to build our reality, the other two, Auditory and Kinesthtic, aren't integrated into the process which is what makes our G.I.F.T courses more effective at producing rapid change that last!

    As you've read on my bio, my journey to becoming a change worker involved understanding the same mental processes used by elite trainers to install triggers and patterns of behaviour at a deep somatic level. This knowledge, integrated with the Mindfullness Teachings of Janie Terrazas, The Mindfulness Coach, makes up the process that - 

  • Teaches the basic principles that all change work is built on (no matter what "technique" you're using)
  • Covers all channels of your reality - so you don't have to be good at "visualizing"
  • Helps to understand the Mind-Body connection as an Integrated System

And the Best Part...

     Is that after just one class, you'll be able to "tweak" and change what you learned so you can apply it to different areas of your life because you don't just learn a technique, you learn WHY IT WORKS! (Which is something most people in this industry won't/can't do!)

The last thing I'll say about G.I.F.T sessions is that they are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill personal development workshops filled with info you could've found online or youtube.
They are filled with excerises and activities to help give you an EMBODIED understanding of the techniques being taught.

So if you're ready to DO THE DRILLS TO GET THE SKILLS then head over here to get more info to our upcoming G.I.F.T. session.