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Justin I. Bustamante

Sub-Communication Specialist & Conversational Hypnotist IAPCH

Hi, I'm a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Neurolinguist and Sub-Communication Specialist helping people break negative thought-loops and patterns of behavior by helping them develop new neuro-cortical pathways and plant change at a deep somatic level. In other words, I teach people how to organize their conscious thoughts to acheive better resuts.

My story starts after the military but before PTSD was "a thing." in order to adapt and overcome the challenges I was facing, I set out to learn how the Marine Corps. trained me so well that being anywhere but the military felt alien to me and left me with a few ticks (you wouldn't want to sneak up on me then). This kind of training was installed at a deep somatic level to achieve specific results.

I learned that the "shock and awe" principle was key in interupting thought loops since it triggered the amygdala, sending the mind into a sort of "reset." And it is in this "reset" space that change can be installed. I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming to lean how people built their reality by understanding their use of language, and finally conversational hypnosis to help individuals acheive specific results.


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Ryan C. - Georgia

"If you're someone who is skeptical about hypnosis, you need to experience his compassionate and personlized hypnosis for yourself. The whole session was like lunch with an old friend."

Tabitha H. - hannibal, mo

"I thought I would have trouble with the process but everything flowed very easy... "

Mari d. - San Antonio, texas

Working with Justin helped me discover new pathways to explore and overcome my phobia. 

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